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Are you ready to stop wishing and start doing?

Becoming your OWN boss is something that most wish they could accomplish, but the roadmap towards becoming your own boss isn't as easy as some may think, so says CEO Christia'n Annice of She's Got Her OWN Network. For this very reason, people tend to give up on their dream before it even has time to blossom.

As much as you would like to call into work and tell them "I QUIT!", you must have a PLAN already set in play before you make that call. Your 9-5 may not be your favorite place, but its the leverage you need in order to help facilitate your new business start up and funding needs.

For example Emillions+ provides educational information on establishing healthy, personal, and business credit needs, to help you with start up capital. You no longer have to wait for an investor to help get your business idea off the ground, you can become your own investor by simply learning the structure a…

Meet the CEO of Setlife Images, LLC.

Photo - CEO Nicole Williams of Setlife Images, LLC.
Welcome to the world of Setlife Images, located in Las Vegas Nevada.

Setlife Images is owned and operated by CEO Nicole Williams, who holds a strong background in event coordination, executive business meetings, Graphic Design, Model casting, and more. She is a true jill of all trades that can execute a plan and get the job done. 

Ms. Williams is currently working on expanding her business and brand to new territories, and new markets. With her expertise, keen eye for event coordination, marketing skills, and more this powerhouse is ready to make some major moves, while creating her OWN lane. 

Learn more about Setlife Images by visiting the officialwebsite here

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Earn Extra Income, Start TODAY for FREE!!

You know what would be GREAT?  If you could earn some EXTRA INCOME on the side while still being able to maintain your 9-5 and your sanity!!! What if you could earn income by simply referring your friends, family, and associates  to your favorite programs? Would you be willing to TRY?  We hope your answer is YESSSSSS!! Today we are going to list out some of the referral programs which are excellent, legitimate and trust worthy. Referral programs are a great way to earn extra income, on the side and in your spare time. But always remember, refer the programs which you have personally tried or which are highly recommended. Ok the #1 Question is "How do I get PAID?" Whenever someone you referred joins the program, you get paid either in cash, through PayPal, by gift cards or by check. The best way to earn money this way is to refer the programs you use, so you know the credibility of the product or brand. The following are trusted referral programs that we use and LOVE: *please note tha…

Meet The Desiigner Twins Taking the Fashion Industry By Storm

Allow us to introduce you to the wonderful and FAB Desiigner Twins, owners of @hausofhillheir .  These twin beauties are taking the industry by storm and leaving no room for competition, by creating their OWN lane and building their empires. 
Montriana and Montranae Hill were born in Richmond, CA; they are the daughters of Latrina Coley, whom inspired them early on to be very fashionable women. The twins developed a love for fashion early on because of their mother, her number one motto, no matter what you’re going through in life always present your best shoe and your best look, and keep pushing forward. Who are the Desiigner Twins? Montriana and Montranae are a fashion duo that inspires other young women with their style, ambition, true determination, and their outgoing lifestyle. They have always been into bold colors, prints, and statement making pieces, one of their favorite brands growing up was Betsey Johnson for her over the top standout clothing and accessories, she influenced…

Elevate Your Business With These Key Steps...

She’s Got Her OWN Network #QuickBusinessTIP Each week we suggest that you make a list of the following: 1. Who would you like to connect with online (at least one) 2. What is one thing you would like to learn. 3. Select a NEW group to link up and interact with online. (FB) 4. Reach out to members, customers, clients, etc. to re-connect. (newsletter) These small steps will help you to become more engaged online and hopefully offline as your business and brand expands. It is also suggested that you get into the habit of checking your “Analytics” so that you can see what’s working and what isn’t. Brought to you by She’s Got Her OWN Network

Business Formation Tour x Houston, TX | 5/12/2018 | Helping Women WIN in both Business and in Life.

Business Formation tour houston, tx DESCRIPTION She's Got Her OWN Network Inc. Business Formation Tour is Back on the Road and headed to Houston Texas! We have "Linked Up" with Kingdom Group Financial, located in Houston Texas. Get excited queens! We are on our way to help you build, establish, and acquire generational wealth. From credit repair education, taxes, financials, small business building, real estate, and more, this is an event you do not want to miss. Tired of the normal 9-5?Ready to start establishing your OWN wealth portfolio?Ready to learn how to create generational wealth?Ready to take control of your life and finally have your OWN?Then you don’t want to miss this event. We are coming to provide you with the tools, resources, and strategies to help you reach your goals. Join us as we come together to BUILD. #TogetherWEwin #BusinessFormationTour
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