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By She's Got Her OWN Network Inc. Samantha B., Media Coordinator for She's Got Her OWN Network Inc., Dedicated to helping women on the rise WIN. Las Vegas, NV., Dec. 5, 2017 /SGHONNews/ — When Christia'n Annice found herself out of a job with no savings and bad credit, she knew that it was time to become better educated on how to tighten up her financial house.  She knew that in order to elevate she needed to educate herself on the basics of wealth and financial stability. Dedicating hours in the library, and establishing a great connection with a superior mentor was key to her elevation. She has since developed a network to help other women turn their pain into profits, passion into purpose, and struggle into abundance. We welcome She's Got Her OWN Network Inc. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, is the motto at She's Got Her OWN Network headquarters. Mother & Daughter duo Christia'n  Annice & Kim Blodgett together in 2015, launched She's Got Her OWN Netw…
She's Got Her Own Network Celebrates Success Helping Women Make the Change from 9 to 5 to Entrepreneur
Living life is more than being chained to a dead end job.  She's Got Her Own Network can help with expert designed program and conferences that deliver the strategies, resources and mentorship needed to break free and thrive.

Insiders agree, peace of mind, financial freedom and a sense of security and control are next to impossible for a woman to obtain when marching off to a cookie cutter cubicle working for someone else 40 plus hours a week. No one understand this better than She's Got Her Own Network, a special alliance of entrepreneurial women familiar with success and working hard to teach and help other women to win in every aspect of life.  Led by the mother/daughter combination of Miss Kim and Mrs. Christia'n, who practice every single word they preach and rose up out of limited potential jobs themselves, She's Got Her Own Network recently celebrated their g…

Americans Are Losing Faith In College Education

Americans are losing faith in the value of a college degree, with majorities of young adults, men and rural residents saying college isn’t worth the cost, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey shows. The findings reflect an increase in public skepticism of higher education from just four years ago and highlight a growing divide in opinion falling along gender, educational, regional and partisan lines. They also carry political implications for universities, already under public pressure to rein in their costs and adjust curricula after decades of sharp tuition increases. Overall, a slim plurality of Americans, 49%, believes earning a four-year degree will lead to a good job and higher lifetime earnings, compared with 47% who don’t, according to the poll of 1,200 people taken Aug. 5-9. That two-point margin narrowed from 13 points when the same question was asked four years earlier. The shift was almost entirely due to growing skepticism among Americans without four-year degrees—t…

About Mrs. Christia'n Annice. The She-eo turning Dreams into Reality.

Photo Credit: Flac City Paparazzi Media of 
She's Got Her OWN Network Inc. 
Meet Mrs. Christia'n Annice, a young successful entrepreneur who began her journey in 2005 when she opened her very own lifestyle consulting company SDM STYLE BIZ, with only $200.00, dial-up, & a dream. 
The motto for the company was "Its a Lifestyle." Which literally grew into a lifestyle of abundance and elevation. At the time Christia'n didn't know just how much of an impact her company would have on the success and elevation of the women in which she mentored.

"I've always had a calling to want to help others. I have seen the power in unity amongst women and I'm doing my best to keep that movement alive." - Christia'n Annice
Fast forward to 2016, although her Lifestyle Consulting business was booming financially, it was still missing something, and that something was, substance.Christia'n revamped her business platform structure, and relaunched her brand wit…

BP Appoints First Black Female CEO

BP Appoints First Black Female CEO

JOHANNESBURG – BP Southern Africa (BPSA) on Monday appointed chartered accountant Priscillah Mabelane as its new chief executive. Mabelane is the first woman in the history of the country’s oil industry to head a multi-national company, marking a significant milestone in the organisation and industry’s transformation journey. READ: No retrenchments planned at BP South Africa She will take the helm on 1 September, exactly six years after joining the organisation in 2011 as chief financial officer (CFO).

BPSA said Mabelane has more than 20 years of service in a number of key leadership positions and she brings a “wealth of world-class experience and expertise” to her new role as chief executive. Prior to joining BP, Mabelane held various executive roles in a number of large South African companies. She worked at Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA) as CFO, Ernst & Young where she was a tax director, and at Eskom where she held various roles in fin…


10 THINGS THE WEALTHY DO TO STAY WEALTHY! Brought to you by She's Got Her OWN

1. The Wealthy Self educate 2. The Wealthy have mentors 3. The wealthy don't exchange time for money. They build passive income 4. The Wealthy know assets vs liabilities 5. The Wealthy buy strategically 6. The Wealthy understand Income vs. Net worth
How much you earn is not as important as what you keep 7. The Wealthy understand that Value= money 8. The Wealthy understand Opportunity vs. Obstacles 9. The Wealthy aren't afraid to promote themselves at what they're good at 10. The Wealthy surround themselves with awesome people

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