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How I became a full time entrepreneur, by being FIRED from my last job!

How I became a full time entrepreneur, by being FIRED from my last job!

Didn't have a back up plan and rent was due in a week.

I frantically began applying for jobs and seeking out staffing agency's.

I didn't want anyone to know I lost my job so I went on about my routine as usual. But totally freaking out internally, because bills were due and I had no earnings coming in.

What I learned from this midlife crisis was that you should NEVER get COMFORTABLE at your JOB! Never have all your eggs in one basket, and always have a financial backup plan.

I guess you can say I was "FORCED" into full time entrepreneurship. I wasn't ready but I knew that it was the best opportunity that I could give MYSELF!

So I stopped applying for JOBS and decided to get majorly focused on finding ways to help others, who may be in my same situation. I even went a step further to ask my mother to help me with my new found business.

I found myself becoming more and more fulfilled and empowered each and everyday.

I didn't have any money to build some massive business, but I did have a story  that I was sure could help others find their way through their hardships.

I've always been a great listener and find great pleasure in empowering others.

So I decided to become a coach for women. Women with whom I related to and who related to me. Women who wanted more from both business and life.

I began by establishing my own website, and promoting within my network. I allowed clients to "Rent My Brain" for Mentorship and leadership sessions.

I focused on solutions and strategies to help my clients elevate and find their inner Rockstar Entrepreneur.

People began to recognize and respect my ability to help others. Especially within my community.

Its been well over 4years+ & I haven't looked back. Being fired helped me find my purpose through my passion for helping elevate others from their struggle.

I proved to myself that I could rise above the situation and find a way out of no way. I also realized that in order to grow you have to get UNCOMFORTABLE!

I learned a major lesson about life. Sometimes you may not be ready for what is thrown your way but if you become resourceful instead of remorseful you will find your way.

You are ENOUGH! You are your OWN key to Success.

Be blessed.
Christia'n Annice
CEO of She's Got Her OWN Inc.


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